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In this page we will review the best bonuses you can get playing your favourite slots at online casinos. We will compare in details wagering requirements, maximum bet, free spins, slots volatility and other factors that will help you get most value of your first casino deposit.

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bonus value and free spins

Bonus Value – Amount & Free Spins

Casinos and some individual slot games have different amounts of free spins that they’ll give new and returning players. Casinos could offer a new player up to 200 slot free spins; some casinos will even grant players 500.

Bonus terms & conditions

Bonus Terms & Conditions

Every casino has its own terms and conditions for its players when playing on their platform, even for slot bonuses. A casino needs to have their terms and conditions easily accessible. That way a customer can learn about whether a casino is deposit free or not, what a casino’s wagering requirements are, how a player can withdraw any winnings they received from a free spin, and other helpful tips.

Wagering requirements

Games available to use it on

You won’t be able to play every slot game in an online casino with a free spins slot bonus. Most casinos will have specific games that you can use your free bonus spins on. Because of this, It’s best for an online casino to offer you a healthy variety of games for you to try with your free spins.


Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are where free slot spins get a little complex. It makes it so you can’t just walk away with your winnings after using only a few free spins. They need you to keep wagering until you’ve wagered a specific amount, usually calculated as a percentage of what a casino awards you. Even if you’ve already won, you can’t collect your winnings until you meet the requirement. The requirements have their uses, players aren’t very fond of them, and occasionally some casinos abuse wagering requirements to take advantage of their players. There are wager free bonuses as well.

Countries that bonus is valid at

Countries where bonus code is valid at

Due to restrictions and regulations, not every bonus will be valid in other countries. It’s good to learn where you will and won’t be able to access a casino if you plan on travelling. or to make sure that you can access a casino from where you live already.

Casino reputation

Casino reputation

Casinos handle players’ money, so it’s always the best idea to make sure that the casino you decide to play at is a reputable one. Casinos with the best reputations will have clear terms and conditions for their service, making it easy for you to find them if you want to. They will avoid false advertising that undermines player safety, anything else that could be considered poor casino practices, and – in this case especially – make sure their wagering requirements for free spins are coherent and easy to understand.


Deposits, withdrawal methods and timings

Before using your free spins, most casinos require you to make a deposit. They can be around a minimum of 10 or 25 dollars – sometimes less. There are also casinos which offer free spin bonuses with no deposits required (and are quite popular with many players). Some casinos have different prize withdrawal methods, and others have a time limit on how long you have to hold onto and use these bonuses.

Casino customer support

Casino Customer Support

Good customer service is imperative. If a customer is having trouble understanding a casino’s terms and conditions, ran into issues processing their spins or trying to withdraw their winnings; meeting with a patient, understanding, and helpful customer service representative can make all the difference.

Reports by players

Reports by players

One of the essential things we make judgments based on are reports from other players like yourself. Most players’ experiences at an online casino will be unique from someone else’s. While one player may not care about what games a casino allows them to use their slot bonuses with, they might not like the casino’s wagering requirements. On the other hand, another player may not mind the wagering requirements, but they aren’t fond of the casino’s customer service representatives.

Reasons for not Receiving Your Free Spins

Some of the most popular reasons for not getting the bonus you were promoted with.

Countries that bonus is valid at

Bonus Value – Amount & Free Spins

With most Online slot bonuses, you must make a deposit before being awarded your free spins. Sometimes a player may misunderstand how much money they need to deposit before claiming their bonus. Other times, a player may have missed a special promotion advertised to them a while ago, and start playing the advertised slot long afterwards. The player would miss out on any extra free spins. It’s important for you to read the casino’s terms and conditions carefully.

Bonus Wagering requirements

Bonus terms and conditions

While having trouble grasping a casino’s terms and conditions is enough to cause new players problems with their casino slots bonuses, a major violation of a casino’s terms and conditions may cause you to lose your bonuses as well. Casinos will revoke bonuses from players they believe are committing what is called ‘bonus abuse’ or breaking any of the casino’s other rules. Most casinos are very cautious about revoking a player’s bonuses and winnings, and will only ever do it if they’re absolutely sure that you’re cheating in one way or another. Still, if a casino revokes your bonuses, and you believe they made a mistake: get in contact with a customer service representative.

Countries that bonus is valid at

Games available to use it on

In this case, you probably do have your free spins, but whatever game you’re trying to play using your bonus, is restricted by the casino and won’t accept them. A casino’s terms and conditions will be able to tell you which games will receive your bonus and which won’t. Sometimes the games will tell you themselves.

Bonus Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements

Occasionally, a casino’s advertisements will be vague and fail to explain to new players how wagering requirements work. You may sign on with a casino, receive your bonus to play with, and then end up stuck when you try to collect your winnings. Ensure you’re familiar enough with your casino’s wagering requirements, and what you’ll have to do to meet those requirements. Very rarely, you may come across an online casino which advertises free spin bonuses. However, the casino’s wagering requirements are unfair and make it difficult for you to claim any winnings. To avoid casinos that treat their guests as poorly as this, visit casinos that are rated highly by review sites like ours.

Bonus restricted by countries

Countries that bonus is valid at

The chances are that whichever country you’re playing from, the casino doesn’t service your area; and any bonuses you’re trying to claim are invalid. Many online slot bonuses are country-specific, so make sure the casino you’re playing at services your own country before starting to play.

Games available to use

Casino reputation

It is also possible that you may have been cheated or misled by a casino that isn’t reputable. This isn’t always done purposely, sometimes a website or app won’t function the way it was initially intended. Usually, it’s a good idea to get in contact with the casino’s customer service department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally, to wager is to risk a sum of money against someone else’s, based on the outcome of an ‘unpredictable’ event. We are talking about ‘wagering requirements’ when talking about wagering and online casinos, casino slot bonuses, and free spin bonuses. Most casinos have wagering requirements, applied whenever a new player tries to play with a slot bonus. A wagering requirement is calculated by multiplying a set percentage with the value of your bonus. Basically, the wagering requirement is the number of times a player must play their bonus money before withdrawing any of their cash winnings.

Some casinos have a minimum deposit amount. If a deposit you made falls below their minimum amount, then you won’t receive their slot bonus. Check your casino’s FAQ page or terms and conditions page to find out what their minimum deposit amount is. Your casino might not have a minimum deposit in the first place. Sometimes if a casino accepts more than one kind of currency(usually bitcoin), you might get confused about how much of your money you need to deposit before reaching the required amount.

You won’t be able to collect your winnings until after you’ve met your bonus’ wagering requirements. This can take a while to do; however, you can claim your winnings once you’re finished. Casinos can transfer your winnings to you through your credit card, bank account, or through an eWallet service. Of the three methods, eWallet is the quickest way to do it.

There are also slot bonuses you can find that are ‘wager free’. However, finding no deposit bonuses that are also wager free might prove difficult to do.

Unless otherwise stated in a particular promotion, your casino bonus should remain valid for seven days altogether. Afterwards, any unused bonuses are removed from your account. However, these seven days aren’t guaranteed. A slot bonus might only remain valid for a day, though they can sometimes even last for a few months. When in doubt it’s best to check your casino’s terms of service, and find out for yourself how long your bonus will remain valid before starting to play.

As soon as you’ve registered with a casino, and they have your necessary bank information to transfer any winnings to you; it should only take a minute before you can start playing. Usually, it’s collecting your winnings that can take the most amount of time, and only by a couple of days. Something to keep in mind is a slot bonus’ time limit. Most casino bonuses have time limits. Some bonuses are valid for only 24 hours, but some other free spin bonuses can remain valid for up to four months. You can find all of this information in a reputable casino’s terms and conditions.

Though both live casino games and slot games offer similar bonuses, there are some small contrasts. For instance, a welcome bonus for a live casino game will award players with free chips to play with, rather than free spins.

The biggest differences, however, are how each kind of game handles maximum wins and cashout limits. Not every slot game will have a cashout limit, so it's possible to avoid them if you want to; on the other hand, all live casino games will have a cashout limit for their bonuses.
The wagering requirements can differ as well. In most cases, live games will require you to make a deposit based on the casino’s wagering requirements (ranging from 10x to 40x) before collecting any winnings you've made from a bonus.

Not all the time, usually it will depend on the casino. Casinos can gift bonus codes to players for creating an account with them, though bonus codes can also be awarded to old and new players through other promotions, like monthly or reload bonuses. Some online casinos only require you to register an account on their site to get your free slot bonus.

Unfortunately, if a casino refuses to pay your winnings because of their rules, there isn’t much you can do. Ultimately, you have to play by the rules they set. Which is why before playing with your casino bonus, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with a casino’s terms and conditions. It’s encouraged that you get in contact with a customer service representative or find the casino’s FAQ, in case it was a technical error, or you believe they made a mistake.

This is what is called a deposit bonus. A deposit bonus is awarded to players after registering an account with an online casino. After depositing a certain amount of money, your casino will match your deposit with a bonus equal to a percentage of your original deposit.

For instance, if you deposit $30 into your account and your casino has a 50% deposit bonus, as a bonus you would receive an extra $15 to play with – coming to $45 altogether. These bonuses can differ from casino to casino: some will award you a bonus every time you make a new deposit to replenish your account, others have deposit bonuses that work entirely different from what we described above.

When discussing free spin bonuses, there are roughly two kinds of deposit bonuses: bonuses that will award players slot free spins along with a deposit percentage, and bonuses that award slot free spins exclusively.

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