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bonus value and free spins

What’s the value of the bonus?

There’s nothing like getting a big bonus from an online casino! We take the time and trouble to search for the best casino bonuses and tell you what the actual value of the bonus is without the usual

Bonus terms & conditions

Bonus terms and conditions

Every casino welcome bonus or casino promotion comes with T&Cs. They’re usually quite complicated and written by lawyers. People often just click “accept” without knowing exactly what

Slot Bonuses

Free spins for online slots

Online slots are the most popular online casino games worldwide. They’re fun to play with interesting themes and exciting graphics. One of their best features is their free spins, often given

Wagering Requirements

What the different games offer

What’s your favourite online game? Is it a card game like poker, blackjack or baccarat, or a table game like roulette? Every type of game comes with its own set of casino bonuses, which vary from

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements

Most wagering requirements are high. In Canada, you usually have to play the amount of money you are given as a bonus 30 times or even more before you will be permitted to withdraw any

Countries that bonus is valid at

Where are your bonuses valid?

Casino laws are different in every country. Casino promotions in the UK or US might not be valid in Canada, which also has no central regulator for online casinos. Instead, each of 10 provinces


Withdrawals, deposits and their timing

How quickly can you withdraw your winnings and what methods do you use? Where do you deposit your winnings and how? Our system will show you which online casinos use the easiest

Casino customer support

Casino customer support

Do you have questions about casinos and their bonuses that aren’t in the FAQs? Are you disputing a payout that you have not received? We know just how important customer support is to

Casino reputation

Casino reputation – reports by players

Reputation means a lot in the online gaming industry, and you should avoid casinos that have a bad reputation and play at those with a good reputation. And who better to rate an online casino

Roulette Bonuses

Casino regulators

Canada has 10 provinces and three territories and each of them has its own laws governing gambling and its own gambling regulators. The exceptions are horse racing and the lottery, which are

Casino bonus types

Casinos offer different bonuses

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses

If you register at an online casino, you’ll receive a welcome bonus. They vary a great deal depending on which casino you’re playing at, which game you’re playing and even which Canadian province or territory regulates that particular casino. If you do an online search for the best welcome bonuses you will get hundreds of results and it will be extremely time-consuming to go through them all. That’s why we’ve done all the searching for you and compiled a list of the casinos that offer the most generous welcome bonuses. This makes it easy for you to choose where to play and to focus on why you play … to win!

free spins icon

Free spin bonuses

Millions of people around the world play slot machines at land-based casinos and online casinos and they’re the most popular games in Canada too. There are so many exciting and fun games to play that the choice is vast. Free spins are a vital part of online slots. Every time you spin, you’re betting, or wagering as it’s also called, and you stand a chance to win. We know how many people want to focus on playing slots, so we’ve done our homework and we can tell you where to find the best online casinos and the best slots. This will ensure that you get lots of free spins and great bonuses when you register at an online casino.

no deposit

No-deposit bonuses

The no-deposit bonus is a very attractive option because you can get to know the casino and its games without having to deposit money into a gaming account before you start playing. When you sign up with some casinos they give you money or free spins as part of their welcome bonuses or casino promotions. The no-deposit bonus might look like a small amount of money but it could be the impetus for setting you off on a winning streak. No-deposit bonuses allow you to play risk-free while you become familiar with the casino or the game. To help you, we’ve listed casinos that offer no-deposit bonuses so you can start playing now.

low wager

Low-wager and no-wager bonuses

There is an answer to the high wagering requirements some casinos attach to their welcome bonuses. In Canada, you might have to bet 30 times the value of your bonus before you can withdraw any winnings at a casino with high wagering requirements. To avoid this, you should try to find casinos that offer low- or no-wager deposits, so that you can withdraw your winnings without having to bet a large amount of money first. To save you the trouble of doing all the research, we can let you know where to find casinos that offer low- or no-wager deposits so that you don’t have to wait too long to be paid your winnings when you hit the jackpot.

cashback icon

Cash-back bonuses

As the name suggests, casinos that give cash-back bonuses pay money into your gaming account to reward you for playing there often. These are separate from the welcome bonuses you get when you register at an online casino. Only people who wager larger amounts usually qualify for cash-back bonuses. Our team has researched which casinos offer the best cash-back bonuses so that you don’t have to do the work. We have also looked at the terms and conditions attached to them for you. That means you can concentrate on enjoying yourself playing your favourite games in Canada and leave the worrying to us.

reload icon

Reload bonuses

Not all online casinos offer reload bonuses, which are essentially rewards they give to their loyal players. Reload bonuses come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, a casino can give you more than one credit for money you deposit to play. Or you can be rewarded for making certain types of payment into your account, for instance through a credit card. We’ve made a list of the casinos that pay good reload bonuses. This means all you have to do is look at our list, instead of spending long hours surfing the net to try to find the right casinos yourself. We’re saving you a lot of time and effort by providing the answers.

promotional bonus icon

Promotional bonuses

Casino promotions, or promotional bonuses, are given to customers when an online casino tries to keep them playing. Casinos often hand out promotional bonuses on a monthly basis. Alternatively, they can be given to players on special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays or as welcome bonuses. Many online casinos hand out a “matchmaker” bonus, in which the casino matches the amount you deposit into your account. Sometimes an online casino will hand out gifts or prizes when players register. Free spins are also given as a reward. We keep our eyes on promotional bonuses and make sure you know where to find the good ones.

Bonuses for different games

What you get for playing your favourite game in Canada

Slot Bonuses

Slot Machines

Part of what makes slots among the most exciting online casino games is that you can get free spins. These bonuses add to your enjoyment of the games and increase your chances of winning. We can help you find the best portals for online slots, free spins and other casino promotions, so that you don’t have to do the research and can focus on playing.

Baccarat Bonuses

Live Casinos

Online casinos that offer live casino games with real dealers and players replicate the feeling of being in a land-based casino from the comfort of your home. Many people love the thrill of this live casino experience, so it has become very much in demand by players. We make sure we can let you know where to find the live casino experience and live casino bonuses, so stay tuned.

Roulette Bonuses


Online players love the world-famous table game roulette, either live against other real players with real dealers, or as an online casino game. You place your bets with chips and wait for the thrill of winning if the wheel spins in your favour. We find the casinos that give generous welcome bonuses for new roulette players and good casino bonuses or casino promotions for experienced players.

Poker Bonuses


Card games are a favourite with many online casino players. Baccarat is one of the best-known and has been around for a long time. Skill plays a big role in baccarat, rather than mere chance. If this appeals to you and you want to try your hand at baccarat, online casinos offer terrific welcome bonuses for beginners and casino bonuses for those who are seasoned baccarat fans.

Wagering requirements


Poker is the card game of legend, from the wild west where cardsharps got shot for cheating, to the modern game where millions of people play online. Whether you enjoy stud, straight or draw poker, there’s an online site where you can play your favourite game. We use our excellent rating system to find you the best online casinos with great bonuses and promotions.



Probably the most popular casino card game on the planet, blackjack attracts millions of players, and Canadian fans are just as keen as their counterparts in other countries. Players get superb welcome bonuses from online casinos if they’re new at the game or terrific casino bonuses if they’re experienced players who know when to hit and when to stand.

eSports Bonuses


If you find cards or spinning slot machines boring, eSports could be the thing for you. These video games can be enjoyed by single players, or they can be virtual versions of sports. You can also be part of a team battling against another team or involved in survival simulations. Some eSports platforms offer big casino bonuses when you wager. We help you find the best ones to play.


Sports Betting

Canadians are great sports fans and they love betting on the outcome of the games they love. Sports betting online is the latest way to wager on the results of sporting contests. Sports betting is legal in Canada so long as you are of legal age and are playing on Canadian lottery websites. There are many sports games to bet on and sites to play. We let you know which are best.

Why didn’t I get a casino bonus?

Reasons for not getting what was promoted


Read the terms and conditions

It’s important to read and understand the T&Cs relating to bonuses offered by a casino before you play. Many casinos expect you to make a deposit into your account before you get any free spins. Make sure you understand all the rules as they vary from casino to casino.

How much are the bonuses worth?

You should find out the value of the bonuses on offer for different games at different casinos before you decide which one you want to place your bets in. And if you win, there can be restrictions on when and how you get paid. Find out what they are before you start.


Does the bonus fit the game?

If you’re playing a game not associated with a particular bonus you won’t get paid even if you win. For instance, it’s common sense that free spins won’t apply to card games. So don’t add funds to your account in the hope of earning a bonus and then play the wrong game.


Wagering Requirements

Find out if the casino has a low- or no-wagering requirement before you play. The wagering requirement can trip you up because you might have to put in a lot of money and wager 30 times the value of the bonus before you can expect to get it. Check the casino’s FAQ’s or help desk

Asset 3

Countries the bonus is valid in

Casino welcome bonuses might only be valid in certain countries or Canadian provinces and not others. Find out what the rules are or you might not be able to collect your welcome bonus or other bonuses the casino offers its clients.


Using a VPN

You might be trying to access a casino that is not allowed in Canada or some of its provinces by using a VPN to hide your location but this is very risky. You might end up being barred from a casino or not being able to collect any bonuses or even your winnings.

Interesting facts about Canadian gambling

When did gambling start in Canada?

It’s believed that indigenous people played games of chance with sticks and bones for centuries before the first explorers arrived in what is now Canada.

These games were apparently aimed at developing people spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. When explorers arrived they brought all sorts of gambling and betting with them from Europe.

In an early attempt at regulating it, Canada banned all forms of gambling in 1892! But by 1900, gambling was allowed again in the form of bingo and raffles. Horse racing was allowed as a form of gambling about 10 years later.

By the 1920s lots of different types of gambling were allowed. Lotteries were legalised in 1969, and gambling control was moved from federal to provincial jurisdiction in 1985.

Today millions of Canadians buy lottery tickets, which are the most popular form of gambling, although many people do not describe it as such. Scratch cards are also bought in their millions.

Canadians also bet on the outcome of sporting events like soccer, and visit casinos on land and online, where the most popular games are slot machines. The next most popular casino games are card games like blackjack, poker and baccarat.

Canadian online gaming

The most modern way of gambling, betting online, evolved with the increase in computer use after the 1990s. It has grown to the extent that it has now become big business internationally, involving billions in the currencies of many different countries. Canada is no exception.

There are always legalities involved in gambling but the legal position in Canada is interesting, to say the least!

The Canadian government doesn’t issue online casino licenses, and it’s illegal to operate an online casino without a license. But it is legal for Canadians to play on offshore casino sites, for example those in the US, the UK, Malta, Curacao and other countries around the world.

Canada’s provinces can legalise domestic online casino gambling, poker gambling, sports wagering, betting on horse races and lotteries. Domestic online casinos are available in Canada but their game selection, bonuses, and features don’t always compare favourably with those of licensed offshore online Canadian casino gaming resources.

Interestingly, most of the offshore gambling servers used by Canadians are located in Kahnawake, a Mohawk self-governing territory within Canada.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is the biggest gambling regulator in Canada and licences more than 50 online casinos that own about 250 gambling websites which are therefore legal in Canada.Other Canadian provincial gambling regulators include the:

  • Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission
  • Atlantic Lottery Corporation
  • British Columbia Gaming Policy / Enforcement Branch
  • Department of Community Services
  • Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba (LGA)
  • Loto Quebec
  • New Brunswick Lotteries & Gaming Corporation
  • North West Territories Municipal & Community Affairs
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries & Casino Corporation
  • Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation
  • Quebec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission
  • Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Commission (SLGC)

Certain types of gambling are allowed in some provinces but not in others. Some provisions are specified in the First Nations Gaming Act

  • Casino gambling is permitted in the Canadian provinces of  Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Northwest, Saskatchewan, Nunavut and Yukon
  • Lotteries are allowed in Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Nunavut and Yukon
  • Sports betting is allowed in British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, New Brunswick,  Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Nunavut and Yukon

So, Canadians do gamble online and the industry grosses billions of Canadian dollars a year. And there’s no chance of it slowing down as the industry is growing at lightning speed everywhere in the world, and Canada is no exception.

One of the things players find appealing is that you can play at online casinos on your PC, tablet or phone without having to download applications and games. According to , they also like the fact that deposits and withdrawals are usually quite fast and that there are new payment methods like cryptocurrencies which don’t have to involve your bank.

Bonus regulations in Canada

Online casinos that can be accessed and used by Canadians give all the usual bonuses offered by casinos around the world. These include welcome bonuses, free spin bonuses, cash-back bonuses, reload bonuses and promotional bonuses.

There is no national regulator of bonuses in Canada. Each of the country’s 10 provinces and three territories regulates gambling individually. This can be rather confusing, so it’s best to let sites like ours guide you to the best online casinos where you can play knowing you are safe and will be paid any winnings you make.

Bonus restrictions in Canada

Online casino wagering requirements are the biggest restrictions on casino bonuses in Canada and elsewhere in the world. It’s imperative that you check the T&Cs of gaming sites you want to play on to make sure what the restrictions are on paying out bonuses.

You might also lose bonuses and even winnings if you frequent illegal online casinos. We’ll help you avoid them and find casinos with good reputations.

Canada’s biggest gambling wins

It’s amazing how much money people can and have won by gambling. Of course people don’t often win millions but it does happen, and there’s always the chance it could happen to you!

The biggest betting prize in Canadian history was C$70 million, won by an unnamed man in a lottery in Ontario in 2020. The biggest casino gambling winner in Canada is believed to be Marcus Goodwin.

The lucky man won C$11.6 million on a Mega Moolah progressive slot in 2016. Another lucky winner, an unnamed Canadian, won C$7.5 million in 2015, also on Mega Moolah.

And there is a woman who won C$1.8 million on a Michael Jackson-themed slot machine in Niagara Falls in Canada. 

Even luckier was another Canadian man who played a C$1 Megabucks slot and won nearly C$4.7 million. What are the odds of that happening?

Perhaps we can’t all be that lucky.

But we can certainly all enjoy online casino games. And who knows what might happen one day? You could land a windfall like the players above, but don’t get carried away and let your gambling become addictive.

The competition

Many Canadians, like their counterparts around the world, love to gamble. And one of their favourite places to do so is at online casinos.

But online gaming has lots of competition in Canada, where many other types of gambling are popular. Horse racing and the lottery are among the oldest forms of gambling in the country and have millions of adherents who regularly bet on the outcome of races or pick their numbers for the lottery. Some have won millions.

Sports betting also has a very strong following. Canada has few restrictions on online sportsbooks and it’s easy for Canadians to do sports betting online.

Four provinces in Canada take the lead in sports betting:


People in Ontario province have enjoyed sports betting for a long time. A type of sports betting called Proline is regulated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, or OLG.

This legal type of gambling works with parlays, so you must bet at least three games on a ticket. Therefore many Canadians in Ontario prefer to bet online with sportsbooks licensed in Canada or Malta.

Ontario is the most highly populated Canadian province, so people there make up a large percentage of those who bet on sportsbooks.

British Columbia

People in British Columbia have many options for sports betting. Their famous sports teams attract bets from far and wide in this large province. Some people opt for the PlayNow system run by the British Columbia Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

But all bets made through PlayNow have to be parlays, meaning you must bet on three games per ticket. That’s why many betters instead opt for the many sportsbooks available to people who want to try sports betting.

Some, like SIA (Sports Interaction) are licensed on Indian self-governing territories within Canada.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province in Canada. Residents work hard for their money and many love to gamble. New Brunswick, like other Canadian provinces, has the Proline betting system, controlled by the New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation, a division of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

With Proline, you have to bet at a lottery retailer, which is not always convenient. Fortunately, residents in the province have other options like online sportsbooks, which allow single-game wagering from the comfort of home, office or on the phone.

Nova Scotia

Gambling fans around the province love to find ways to enjoy their money and one of the things they like to do is gamble. Slot machines, sports betting, card and table games, the lottery or bingo are all very popular.

People who want to do sports betting in Nova Scotia can bet with bad odds and parlays with Proline from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

Alternatively, they can go the more modern route and bet with online sportsbooks around the world where they can freely access single-game betting and odds that are much fairer.

If you want to enjoy sports betting from any province in Canada, we know exactly where the best sportsbooks can be found and can let you know.

Frequently Asked Questions

You get casinos with no wagering requirements and others with low wagering requirements, but most casino wagering requirements are high. In Canada you usually have to play your bonus amount 30 times before you can withdraw any winnings.
In other words if you get a C$50 bonus, you have to play for C$1 500 before you can withdraw money from your account. Some casinos might add your deposit to the wagering requirement.

Each gaming site is different, so you have to read and understand the Terms and Conditions to know when you will be paid a bonus. You might be required to make a minimum deposit, meet certain wagering requirements or play a specific game for the advertised bonus to apply.

Always read the T&Cs carefully before you deposit money and start playing on a particular site.

This varies. Casinos that give free spins on slots as bonuses usually make them available at once without asking for a deposit. However, for certain casino promotions they might require that you deposit a specific amount or that you play a certain number of games before your advertised bonus will be paid out to you.

Read the T&Cs carefully before you play.

All casino games are “weighted”. Card games are low volatility games that can have a weighting as low as 30%. This means that for every 10 games you play, three will count towards clearing the bonus requirements.

Slots on the other hand usually have a weighting of 100%. It means every deposit is placed on a game. This helps clear the requirements for being paid a bonus very quickly.

Yes you can, if you have met all the requirements for getting the bonus, like minimum deposits and wagering requirements. Casinos usually give no-deposit bonuses as free credits or free spins.

Free credits can be withdrawn as cash. Remember to check the T&Cs of the site you’re playing on.

This depends on the bonus you’re being offered and the online casino you’re playing at. It’s very unusual for a bonus not to have a time limit on it. The requirements can be quite complicated so check the T&Cs for the site.

For instance, a casino might want a minimum deposit within 48 hours of giving new players a welcome bonus.

All casino sites have their own requirements. Some want a certain sum to be deposited or a certain number of games to be played before allowing you to withdraw winnings. This depends on the site you’re playing on as well as the game you’re playing.

Check with the help desk to find out their requirements for paying out your winnings and read the T&Cs.

There is a difference. Slots bonuses are usually free spins added to players’ gaming accounts. It can take the form of a welcome bonus or other type of casino bonus. Live bonuses apply to people who play against live dealers or other players.

Usually this is a welcome bonus but it can also take the form of a casino promotion, cash-back bonus, or bonuses paid to players during live tournaments. Live games are usually card games like blackjack, baccarat or poker so the bonuses are different from those given for slots.

The requirements for using bonus codes vary from casino to casino. Some don’t use them at all. Check the casino’s T&Cs to see their requirements. Some want manual input of a code to activate the bonus, while others apply the code automatically, so you don’t have to.

Make sure you comply with all the bonus rules to ensure the casino has no grounds not to pay you. Illegal casinos or those with insufficient cash flow might delay payment of a big bonus until they have collected enough money.

If you haven't transgressed the rules in any way, make sure you have evidence from your accounts and balances to prove your case. If the casino still won’t pay, go online and post your problem.

An online casino will do anything to protect its reputation. Failing this, check which Canadian gambling regulator supervises the casino and write them an email asking them to act on your behalf. Each Canadian province and territory has its own gambling regulations so make sure you appeal to the correct one that applies to the casino.

Online casinos like to look after their regular players and will offer different bonuses to keep you playing. These include giving you cash-back bonuses or reload bonuses as your next deposit to reward you for your loyalty.

Just make sure all wagering requirements are met and check the T&Cs to confirm that bonuses can be given as deposit rewards.

We support responsible gambling

Remember you should only play for fun

What is responsible gambling?

The Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario has released a statistic that about 3.2% of Canadians are addicted to gambling! This is a very large number of people. If your gambling is out of control, admit you have a problem and seek help.
We support responsible gaming and are standing by if you need a break. We’ll help you find ways to deal with your gaming dependency. Contacting Gamblers Anonymous is very helpful as the organisation counsels addicted gamblers around the world.
There are branches all over Canada.

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