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Online casinos are an entertaining way to spend time and check your luck, but the bonuses dial the fun to eleven. If you’re an Ireland resident and are searching for a platform with fantastic offers, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Here you’ll learn all there is to know about the best Irish casino bonuses and get some top recommendations from experts. Read along to learn about the intricate rules we use to find and qualify the casino offers before bringing them to you.

You can also scroll to the end of the page to find more information about Irish-specific rules and regulations and a quick look at frequently asked questions.

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Welcome bonus

100% up to €1,000 + 100 Free Spins

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300% up to €1000 + 100 Free Spins

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Welcome bonus

100% up to €150 + 150 FREE SPINS

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How do we rate casino bonuses?

Each casino bonus goes through a thorough process before earning the “Recommended” badge.

bonus value and free spins

Bonus Value – Amount and Free Spins

Casinos play with different bonus values and free spins, competing in a fierce market. Logically, players would want to choose the platform that offers them the best buck for their efforts. Bonus values are usually determined as a deposit percentage, as a cashback amount or some other way. Whatever the type, you get a reward for money or time spent on the website. The bonus might also mention adjacent free spins on given games. Pay attention to the bonus terms and conditions (T&C) for details such as how many free spins you get each day and which games are included in the promotion.

Bonus terms & conditions

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Casino bonuses always look shiny and enticing. But, sometimes, they aren't what they seem at first sight. We're not talking about fraudulent ones, though. Even the best casinos have bonus T&Cs

Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements

Fulfiling the wagering requirements is key to getting your bonus without any problem. It's usually the multiple of your initial deposit that you need to play through to be eligible for bonus

Countries that bonus is valid at

Countries that Bonus is Valid In

Depending on the casino licence, the bonus might deem the bonus valid in one territory and not grant eligibility to players from other countries. The terms and conditions usually contain this

Casino reputation

Casino Reputation

We only recommend bonuses from the best, licenced casinos. While they can be local or offshore, we aim for legit casino brands from long-time favourite gambling companies and indie casinos


Deposit, Withdrawal Methods and Timings

Top casinos offer a wide variety of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. You can have both traditional options (credit and debit cards, e-wallets and e-transfers. Most

Casino customer support

Casino Customer Support

Searching for an answer to your bonus-related question and not getting one can be annoying. Top Irish casinos offer timely support within and out of the office hours. We prefer casinos with live

live casino

Reports by Players

Finally, as much as we manage to get the real experience from the casinos we recommend, hearing the truth from real players is priceless. We read reviews from gamblers like you and adjust our

Casino bonus types

Online casinos work hard to give players the incentive to chip in or continue playing. Here are a few bonus types you might come across during your online gambling adventure.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are one of the first offers you get at an online casino. In most cases, they are deposit-based percentage offers with a total amount you can get back in exchange for your time and money. The welcome bonus can either have one or multiple steps. Sometimes, it consists of several offers, like being attached to free spins. Either way, it should only be available for players who just signed up. You usually redeem the bonus during registration when you make the first deposit. These reward terms also include specific wagering requirements for receiving the money you win through the offer.

free spins icon

Free spin bonuses

Free spin bonuses are promotion types associated with slot games. With no specific skills needed, slots are a gold mine for many players who just want to chill and take their chances in a casual game. Whatever they earn from the spins is added to the bankroll. Be careful: your free spins might only be eligible on specific games under promotion. To ensure you're using them right and not losing money, read the terms and find the list of games it works on. Also, remember: most free spin bonuses work when you play on the maximum paylines and the smallest coin size.

no deposit

No-deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses are one of the most tempting offers. The casino gives you a small amount of money or free spins to get you in the game. Free money is good, but keep in mind that these usually have some underlying terms that make getting them tricky. Although you do get the proposed amount at first, you have to meet high wagering requirements to withdraw the winnings. Plus, you have to share personal information with the casino by signing up to get the offer. No deposit bonuses aren't trying to fool you, but be aware of the risks. These are an excellent way to try out the platform and have fun without worrying that you'll lose real money. View no deposit bonuses as a casual way to start playing. It'll help you not to be upset if you lose.

low wager

Low-wager and no-wager bonuses

Wagering or playthrough requirements are conditions attached to a bonus. Meeting them allows you to withdraw or use the winnings from the offer. Usually, you have to wager a multiple of your initial deposit to claim them. Usual requirements can go as high as 60x, but most of them are around 30x. Thus, 5x can be qualified as “low wagering.” No wagering is self-explanatory: there are no playthrough conditions in bonus T&C, and you can withdraw your bonus winnings immediately. The interesting thing with these offers is that they might refer to other bonus types. Although rare, casinos might offer no-wagering welcome bonuses or free spins that you just receive at no cost. These are harder to come by, as they are low risk and high reward. Still, ensure to read the fine print for any hidden details.

cashback icon

Cash-back bonuses

Casinos aim for loyalty-based relationships with their players. So while welcome bonuses incentivise you to sign up and no deposit bonuses prompt you to “just try,” cashback promotions keep you coming back. What's interesting is how this bonus type promotes losing versus winning. You usually get a percentage (5-20%) of the losses you might've suffered during a given period (a week or a month). This means that the more you play and lose, the bigger the amount could get back. But, of course, there's always a cap on the maximum bonus amount. Live casino games and slots get the most attention with this bonus type. It might be beneficial for people who don't plan to make too many deposits, aiming to extend their bankroll as much as possible. You should always check if getting a cashback bonus doesn't void your eligibility for other ones from the same casino.

reload icon

Reload bonuses

Reload bonuses are pretty similar to cashback ones. First of all, they serve a similar purpose of incentivising the players to return to the platform. Second, they are periodic. You might get one every week, at a given hour once you've signed up for it and until the promotion is over. And third, they're calculated as a percentage. However, this last point contains the main difference between them. While the cashback returns a percentage of your losses, this adds a portion of your deposit to the bankroll, giving you an extra kick to start winning. Plus, the bigger your deposit, the larger the reward.

promotional bonus icon

Promotional bonuses

Promotional casino bonuses are all about maximising the profit or establishing a partnership with game developer companies. To accomplish the first goal, the marketers at the casino might gather information about your playing habits and offer individual player bonuses right to your inbox. The second promotion type worth mentioning is the one that comes from the game companies. They include free spins, tournaments or the so-called daily drops and wins to nudge gamblers to choose their games. Casinos might have additional profits from these deals too. The ones explained above aren't all the platforms allow, but they are the most frequent ones. Entire marketing teams work on unique offers and deals targeted at individual players, partner programs and improving the casino experience.

Bonuses by Game Types

Not all bonuses are created equal. Some favour slots and others are targeted at other casino games. Read on to learn more.

Slot Bonuses

Slot Bonuses

Slots are player-favourite games. They are the easiest games to start playing, and the casinos feature them heavily. A few bonus types apply to slots, including casino welcome bonuses, deposit offers and free spins. The latter usually appears in conjunction with other promotions.

Baccarat Bonuses

Live Casino Bonuses

For people that miss the thrill of playing at a land-based establishment, live casinos might be a decent substitute. You can play all the traditional table games, including poker, baccarat, blackjack, sic bo and many others. The main bonus types for these games include tournaments, reward systems for specific games, cashback and reload bonuses.

Roulette Bonuses

Roulette Bonuses

The sound of the spinning roulette wheel might intrigue you, but finding a decent bonus to use during play can make your time worthwhile. Like slots, online roulette is a game of chance, so free spins are one of the most popular bonus types. Naturally, deposit, reload, and cashback offers are also available.

Poker Bonuses

Baccarat Bonuses

Like any traditional table game, you can play baccarat against a real dealer or a computer. Thus, bonuses range from anything you might get casino-wide or in the live game section. While sign-up and reload offers are the most common types, baccarat-specific promotions might also be available.

Wagering requirements

Poker Bonuses

Poker enthusiasts are keen on getting the best bonuses available. Whether you're playing video poker or live, there are a few bonus types you can take advantage of. Besides welcome and reload bonus options, most poker sites also offer referral promotions. You get a reward if you bring a friend aboard. No deposit and exclusive bonuses are also quite popular among poker players.



Blackjack is another player-favourite in online casinos. In addition to the deposit, match, and reload rewards, non-cashable, you can expect sticky bonuses. With the latter, you get a bonus amount that you can only use within the game to boost the bankroll. High-roller bonuses are also quite common for blackjack live tables.

eSports Bonuses


eSports bonuses follow the same rules as sports punting more than the traditional gambling ones. While you can find welcome offers with deposits and free bets, one of the most popular types is the “acca,” or accumulator bonus. Here, you combine a few outcomes into one bet to get higher returns.


Sports Betting

Betting on sports is a favourite pastime in Ireland, so online and offline bookies try to ensure that you have plenty of options to win. Free bet bonuses are one of the best ways to get you started. You bet on a specific outcome at a given bonus amount. If you get the results wrong, there's no effect on your bankroll, but if you guess the outcome right, you can fulfil the wagering requirements and cash the winnings. Another somewhat similar bonus type is the “money back” bet, where you simply get back the initial bet amount in case of a loss.

Reasons for Not Receiving a Casino Bonus

Receiving bonuses is delightful, but some of them are pretty tricky to get. This section discusses a few reasons you might not get the promised promotion.


Time and date expiration

There are two timestamps to look out for when you're opting for a bonus. The offer expiration date and the period it's legit after claiming. While casino welcome bonuses are often active for an indefinite time, some offers might be valid for a given short period. Casino terms usually mention that they can cancel or alter them at any point, and players can do nothing else but accept the decision. Being aware of the deadline is the only way you can protect yourself. Some bonuses also run a clock once you claim them. Whether it's seven days or a month, failing to fulfil the wagering requirements will result in voiding the bonus.


Non-compliance to the bonus T&C

Terms and conditions are the one document you need to read and understand thoroughly. Any breach in that binding contract might result in you not getting the bonus. This might range from not meeting the bonus timeframe and the wagering requirements to failing to fulfil eligibility standards.


Playing bonus-non-eligible games

Casino welcome bonuses and game developer-prompted tournaments are usually active on specific games, making them quite limited. The only way to know if you're playing towards your reward is to check the list of eligible games in the T&C.


Failing to meet the wagering requirements

Another T&C-related issue can arise if you don't meet the wagering requirements. In addition to playing through the multiples of the initial deposit, consider the percentage each game adds towards the bonus. Most casinos have lists of game types with the corresponding rate mentioned in T&C. If it doesn't contain any information about this, check the general terms of use.

Rude behaviour towards other gamblers or casino staff

Online casinos aim to make their platforms as friendly as possible. Thus displaying a derogatory attitude and using foul language is a big no-no. Staying within the civil norms during all communication is essential, as the casino keeps logs of all the conversations (except personal chats with other players, if available).


Abusing the casino

In addition to linguistic abuse, there are other ways of exploiting the casino's technical faults. As you use personal details like an address, phone number, and email to sign up with a casino, you won't be able to hide your identity. Additionally, they gather information about your IP address and use cookies to track what you play and how long. Any suspicious behaviour like using low-risk bets and wagering on both sides in baccarat, logging into the account from various devices and using VPN may result in losing the bonus or lead to account suspension in some cases.

Gambling in Ireland

Gambling in Ireland has been developing in the last couple of hundred years. Historically, betting has been more popular in Ireland than traditional casino games. Sports like football, golf and rugby are the top favourites, and betting is similarly widespread.

Horse racing is still on top of popularity and is legal. Brick-and-mortar casino establishments are illegal, but membership-based clubs exist that might contain some gambling tables and slot machines.

Online gambling is developing fast due to casino websites and mobile applications. It’s legal to have an account and play in eligible casinos. The legal gambling age is 18 years and older. There’s no dedicated body that regulates the sphere yet, but hopefully, Ireland will get one soon due to a bill that’s still under discussion in the parliament.

While slots are the most popular ones, live dealer games don’t fall behind either. It’s natural because of the ban on brick-and-mortar casinos. People get the casino vibe from live tournaments.

Irish online gambling history

Although some laws regarding betting and totalisators existed since the 1920s (Betting Act in 1926, The Totalisator Act in 1929), casinos haven’t had too much attention from policymakers in Ireland before 1956.

Since then, a few regulatory bills have been passed. Namely, The Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 bans the existence of land-based casinos. Still, there’s a loophole that allows private clubs to exist. Today, more than a dozen of them offer casino games like blackjack tables, slots, and video poker.

In 2013, an effort to somehow regulate the gambling industry in the country has been proposed. The bill would allow up to 40 casinos with 15 tables and 25 gaming machines each, plus it would create a governing body (Office of Gambling Control Ireland (OGCI)) to enable proper licencing.

Still, there’s a lot of backlash regarding this bill, and the Irish parliament hasn’t approved it yet. With the rise of online gambling in Ireland, the landscape started changing. In 2003, web-based platforms for betting and online casino games started operating legally.

As for betting, 2015’s Amendment to the Betting Act established that all bookies that cater to Irish audiences should be taxed and licenced in the country. This law, unlike the ones before it, managed to take online betting into account. It also poses fines of up to €300,000 if the operators fail to obtain one of the following three licences:

  • Retail bookmaker licence
  • Remote betting to customers based in Ireland
  • Facilitating Irish customers making bets

The future of gambling regulation in Ireland is looking hopeful. Some government officials have publicly stated that this area is on top of their priorities. Still, we have to wait and see what will policymakers come up with. Something is true – gambling laws in Ireland need a facelift.

Specific bonus regulations in Ireland

As we already see, the Irish gambling law isn’t that sophisticated and intricate to offer us specific bonus regulations. Players have to abide by the rules mentioned in the given casino website or under particular bonus terms.

The only thing you can do is to ensure that the casino is legit and has a valid licence from one of the known jurisdictions, such as Malta or the UK.

Reading the bonus terms and conditions is also of utmost importance. You might deem the fine print boring, but knowing what awaits you is wise. At least you’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes if something goes wrong.

For example, you might miss a deadline yet be very close to fulfilling the wagering requirement, thus jeopardising your efforts to get the bonus winnings in time.

Bonus restrictions in Ireland

Casino bonuses may impose various restrictions on the player. Still, it’s not a whim to harm the user experience but an intelligent way to protect the casino from fraud and money laundering.

The so-called “Know Your Customer (KYC)” practices serve this purpose. You won’t be able to withdraw your winnings as long as you’re an unverified customer. Submitting an identification document, a document from a bank, and proof of address will open up the restriction.

These rules also help prevent underage gambling and avoid audiences that might be high-risk targets for corruption. As you might have noticed, withdrawal methods in casinos are often fewer than options for making a deposit.

Some e-wallets and e-transfer systems don’t support casino payouts. The reason for this is that the casinos don’t have a way to track the money, making it harder to spot various money laundering schemes. On the other hand, bonuses themselves can have location, withdrawal, time and, more often, game restrictions.

To ensure that you can receive the reward and derived winnings, do the following:

  • Check if your country is among the eligible ones under the bonus T&C
  • What’s the bonus type? If it’s a cashable one, you can withdraw the derived winnings. If it’s a “sticky bonus,” all the winnings add to your balance and can only be used as “playing money.”
  • Ensure that you’re not trying to withdraw more than the bonus allows you to
  • Look out for the maximum amount you can win through the offer
  • Check out the “Eligible Games” list and wagering requirement percentages
  • Ensure that all your bonuses are compatible (claiming one shouldn’t void your current one)

Be smart about the bonuses you’re considering. Read the fine print on every offer. They might seem similar, but you might lose money if they turn out to be different.

Biggest gambling winnings in Ireland

As land-based casinos are illegal in Ireland, and online casinos are a bit hard to track, there isn’t much information about the largest gambling wins in Ireland. One of the biggest jackpots on an online slot was acquired in 2019, when Sean Doyle, a chef from Newcastle, won €4.86 million playing Mars Attack.

As to lottery jackpots, Ireland has a long list of winners. In 2008, a group of 16 people won the largest amount ever in Ireland through Quick Pick. They shared the prize of 18.9 million, but this is still considered the top win in the history of the National Lottery (Ireland). The latest win happened in 2016. A family won €13.7 million via a €10 Quick Pick.

One of the largest horse racing wins in Ireland is a whopping €350,000. A punter from Dublin placed an accumulator bet, where six of the seven horses won. Using only €120, this punter could’ve become a multi-millionaire if the seventh horse came first.

Frequently Asked Questions

A wagering requirement is the number of times you need to play through your deposit or bonus amount. It's a T&C criterion to meet before you can withdraw your winnings. It usually ranges from one to 60 times the amount.

Different game types contribute differently to the wagering requirements. Slots are usually the highest, with 100%, while table games might only add 80%. This means that if you gamble $100 in a slot game, the wagering requirement will reduce by $100. In the case of blackjack, wagering a $100 would only result in a $20 decrease.

The time frame depends on you (within the bonus validity period). Once you meet all the criteria and playthrough requirements mentioned in the bonus terms, you'll be able to use or withdraw your winnings.

Your casino bonus validity depends on the individual bonus T&C. With one-step easy bonuses, anywhere from 24 hours to a week is expected. In the case of multi-step ones that span for a few days, clearing them might take longer. The validity term might last for up to 30 days.

Bonuses in Irish online casinos are updated very often. That's why we recommend you follow our website. Here you'll catch the hottest ones out there. We search and present to you the best bonuses on the market.

Most importantly, we use a very intricate process to sift through the available offers and find exciting and player-oriented casino promotions.

While land-based casinos are prohibited in Ireland, you can legally play at domestic and offshore online casinos and claim bonuses. Just remember, playing at an online platform happens at your own risk, so you need to watch out for fraudulent activities and websites. Our team is here to reduce your confusion by recommending you the best of the best.

If you've met the bonus terms and conditions, including the wagering requirements, you will be able to withdraw the winnings with no problems. Still, check if the bonus has additional limits and restrictions for withdrawal.

If you've won a large sum, cashing it out might result in you voiding your ability to withdraw anything at all. Pay attention to the bonus-specific withdrawal procedures and general ones mentioned in the casino-wide terms of use.

Not all bonuses need codes. If the description asks for a specific one, you'll need to hunt for it and fill it in before claiming the offer. Still, most Irish online casinos use the one-click method where you just go through prompts, receiving the reward in the end.

In most cases, casino bonuses appear in your account immediately unless there's a specific requirement in the T&C.

The volatility of a game is determined by how often you hit a win and how big it actually is. For example, slots are categorised into high, medium, and low volatility. Volatility can also be described as the risk-and-return ratio. High variance games hit fewer times, but when they do, you get higher returns. On the other hand, low volatility gives you frequent small wins.

That said, volatility doesn't have to do with clearing the bonus requirements. You need to look out for how much the game counts towards the playthrough, which is a different number (usually indicated in the bonus T&C).

The only place volatility matters for the bonus is that you have a higher chance to win big on high variance games, so offers rarely include them in the eligibility lists.

Ireland casino bonuses usually mention the games upfront. If it's targeted on slots, they might have free spins and mention slot titles in the eligibility lists. Similarly, live casino promotions might not work with other games.

As a general rule of thumb, all casino bonuses are different. While they might look the same from the outside, they are specifically tailored towards a target market, game variety and player eligibility. Thus, it's always a good idea to read the T&C.

As a player, you don't have to pay taxes on your winnings if you play from Ireland. On the other hand, online casinos that serve players in the country, whether local or not, must pay a corporation tax. Bookmakers also pay one per cent of all the bets. The initial licencing for a bookmaker is around €10,000.

We support responsible gambling

Gambling is entertainment and should stay as such.

What does responsible gaming mean?

Gambling is fun, but it can also be addictive and start hurting your personal life, relationships, finances, and mental health. Playing for a long time can often result in failing to recognise how long you’re playing, how much you’ve spent and, in general, lose sight of reality.

Most online casinos recognise the facts mentioned above and ensure that players have the oversight tools to monitor their playtime and budget. Visit the “Account” page on the gambling platform you’re using, find the responsible gambling tools, and ensure you turn on the “Reality Check.”

These prompts will nudge you to get a break periodically or stop playing for the day. You can also establish time and deposit limits to help you combat the intrigue of gameplay and gain control over bad habits. If you feel that gambling is taking too much of your time, time out (self-exclusion) or permanent account closure is also possible.

Gambling problems are tough to deal with. We’re here to tell you that you aren’t alone. Check out one of the sources below if you need help:

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